Waterborne Radon Reduction – South Bend, Indiana

Waterborne Radon Reduction in South Bend, Indiana

Waterborne Radon South BendThe soil under South Bend, Indiana emits high levels of radon gas. Radon is a radioactive gas which occurs naturally when rocks break down in the soil. When radon disperses in the open air, it is relatively harmless. However, when it becomes trapped in a structure, such as a home or commercial premises, radon can build up to dangerously high levels. When waterborne radon is inhaled, it can cause damage to the lungs and can cause lung cancer. Where elevated radon levels are identified, it is essential to implement a radon mitigation program to protect the health of anyone who lives or works in a contaminated building.

It is important to realize that radon does not enter homes and commercial premises only through the air. In South Bend, Indiana, radon can enter residential and commercial properties through the water supply. When high concentrations of radon build up in the soil, it can seep in to the ground water and contaminate wells that are used to supply water to homes and businesses in South Bend, Indiana.

Waterborne Radon Contamination in South Bend, Indiana

The thought that parts of the water supply in South Bend, Indiana may be contaminated with radon is a concern for many of its residents. Waterborne radon cannot be seen, tasted, or smelled. It is impossible to know whether your water supply contains radon without having it tested.

If you are worried about waterborne radon, contact SWAT Environmental. We offer reliable waterborne radon testing. Our trained radon mitigation specialists will attend at your South Bend, Indiana home or business and carry out a professional waterborne radon test that will provide you with accurate and actionable results.

Armed with the test results produced specifically for your South Bend, Indiana property, you can then agree a suitable radon mitigation program to address radon contamination in your water supply. Taking action to identify and control radon levels in your water supply through an effective radon mitigation program will shield your family from the threat of water-borne radon.

Elevated radon levels pose a serious risk to the health of anyone living and working within affected building in South Bend, Indiana. Consequently, radon mitigation contractors operating within South Bend must be certified by the state of Indiana.

All SWAT Environmental contractors are qualified, certified and highly-trained. You can trust us to put in place effective waterborne radon mitigation programs to protect you and your family.