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Wednesday, October 26, 2011 @ 08:10 PM
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Radon Testing is Required by Law

Radon Mitigation South BendWhen it comes to radon testing, few things are as important as testing school buildings for contamination. High levels of radon gas in school buildings can put hundreds, or even thousands, of people at risk. If the school buildings where the teachers work have high levels of radon contamination, that radon could put those educators at risk of lung cancer and other serious long-term health consequences. The same is true of the children that come to those school buildings every day to learn and prepare for their futures. Those children can be at particular risk due to their young ages, so testing their school buildings for radon is absolutely essential.

In South Bend, Indiana, radon tests on school buildings and other places where children gather are required by law. Federal, state and local regulations often dictate that school buildings be tested for radon at regular intervals, just to make sure that no problems exist. If the radon tests on those school buildings come back negative, parents, teachers and administrators can rest easy, knowing that the employees and children in those school buildings are safe from harm.

But if the radon tests on those school buildings come back positive, the administrators of the Indiana schools get an important advance warning that could head off a lot of problems in the future. If South Bend, Indiana school administrators fail to take action and get the school buildings they are responsible for tested, they could face serious repercussions from government officials, not to mention parents, teachers and other employees. Having those school buildings tested can protect those administrators and protect the health of everyone in the school as well.

Choose Your Radon Mitigation Company Wisely

If high levels of radon are found in those school buildings, the company doing the radon testing can work with school administrators to get rid of that existing radon and stop additional radon from coming in. But it all starts with testing, and it is important to choose a radon testing and remediation company with plenty of experience testing school buildings in Indiana. Testing school buildings can be quite different from testing homes for radon, and it is important to choose a company with this type of specialized experience.

Once you find a company with experience testing school buildings for radon, it is time to get the test done and establish a baseline for radon levels in the South Bend, Indiana school. Administrators who have never had their school buildings tested before can use that first test as the basis for future testing of their school buildings. If the South Bend, Indiana administrators have had their school buildings tested before, the radon testing company can compare the results to any that have been done before. If high levels of radon are found, the company can work to eliminate that radon from the South Bend, Indiana buildings and protect the health of the workers and the students who go there.