Residential Radon Mitigation – South Bend, Indiana

Residential Radon Mitigation in South Bend, Indiana

Residential Radon Mitigation South BendIf you are a homeowner in South Bend, Indiana, you may be concerned about high levels of radon within your residential property. Radon can pose significant health risks and is the second biggest cause of lung cancer in the U.S. You cannot see, taste, or smell radon. The only way to be sure whether radon levels in your South Bend, Indiana home are high enough to require residential radon mitigation measures is to have the air and water tested by a qualified expert.

SWAT Environmental provide expert assistance to homeowners in South Bend, Indiana, who are concerned about possible radon contamination. Our qualified professionals can recommend effective residential radon mitigation programs to reduce radon contamination within your home.

How Radon Enters Your South Bend, Indiana Home

Radon can enter your home in a variety of ways, either through the air or via the water supply. Radon is a radioactive gas which occurs naturally in the soil under South Bend, Indiana. It is released into the air and will disperse without causing harm in open areas. However, if it encounters a building, such as a house, the differences between the air pressure inside the house compared to outside will suck the radon in through small cracks, vents, and holes in the foundations. Radon mitigation measures are required to equalize the air pressures and prevent further contamination. You can then take steps to reduce current levels of radon within your home.

Radon can also enter your home via the residential water supply. In parts of Indiana, the groundwater is contaminated with radon, which can result in radon entering wells within South Bend. If your water comes from a contaminated well, radon could be entering your home every time you shower, bathe, or draw water from the tap.

Radon gas is odorless, colorless, and tasteless. The only way to be certain about the radon levels within your residential property is to have it tested by a qualified professional. SWAT Environmental offers a specialist radon testing service for homeowners in South Bend, Indiana. We can advise you of the current radon levels in your home and identify likely points of entry. We can then suggest a tailored residential radon mitigation program to prevent further contamination and reduce existing radon levels to prevent further harm.

Finding a Qualified Residential Radon Mitigation Specialist in South Bend, Indiana

If you are worried about radon posing a threat to you or your family, you need to contact a company you can trust. SWAT Environmental offer access to highly-trained, qualified experts with experience in radon testing and mitigation in the South Bend, Indiana area. We can put your mind at rest by measuring the radon levels within your residential property. Where levels are high, we can provide a residential radon mitigation program that prevents further contamination while reducing existing levels of radon. Act today to ensure that you and your family are protected from radon contamination.