Radon Gas Mitigation in South Bend

Friday, November 30, 2012 @ 08:11 PM
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South Bend, IN Radon Gas Mitigation Needs

South Bend, Indiana Radon Gas MitigationIf you have ever smoked a cigarette, you have probably heard the concerns of lung cancer before. Programs such as D.A.R.E teach us of the health risks we are subjecting our bodies to when we smoke cigarettes. During high school, teachers may have even shown examples of the amount of tar that enters your lungs with graphic images of lung cancer patients who have been smoking cigarettes for years. Now you may wonder why I am going into so much detail about the dangers of smoking, and what the effects of it are on your lungs. The reason being is that new studies have shown that 16% of all lung cancer cases are caused by radon gas.

This means that while you may have never smoked a cigarette in your life, simply living in your South Bend, Indiana home without a radon gas mitigation system may have put yourself into the same shoes as a chain smoker. Being a nonsmoker, we often assume that our good health practices prevent us from having to deal with the adverse side effects of smoking, but unfortunately new studies are showing this is not true.

Radon Gas Mitigation and South Bend

Radon gas mitigation in South Bend, IN may help protect yourself and your family from these health concerns that have been mentioned. In order to understand the radon gas mitigation process, you must understand how radon gas forms in South Bend. Radon gas is naturally occurring in the soil beneath your home. As Uranium breaks down, radon gas forms. Radon gas may enter the water supply, or seep through your foundation, creating a dangerous concentration of it inside your home. Found across the United States, there is no one who is safe from radon gas without a radon gas mitigation system.

Professional Radon Gas Mitigation

South Bend residents do not have to worry about the effects of radon gas if they contact a professional at S.W.A.T. Environmental to provide radon gas mitigation. We specialize only in radon gas mitigation, meaning that we have decades of experiences in perfecting methods of reduction to make your home safe for your family and friends. We also specialize in developing systems and plans to make the systems as most aesthetically pleasing as possible. With our streamlined designs, you will hardly notice your radon gas mitigation system is even attached to your home.

In order to give us a grasp of the concentrations of radon gas in your home, a test must be completed first. A test will let us know whether or not your home has dangerous levels, and whether or not serious action is required. We always recommend an air purification system at least for preventative measures, as large concentrations of Uranium around your house may be a ticking time bomb for your health. Take action, and do not subject yourself to the same health risks as smoking packs of cigarettes daily.

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