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Thursday, April 11, 2013 @ 03:04 PM
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South Bend Radon Mitigation

MHUD South Bend Radon Mitigationany of us have heard about the recent regulations that have been put in place by HUD. These regulations specifically address home safety and radon gas. The new HUD regulations will require South Bend radon mitigation to anyone who has test results of high levels of radon gas in their multi-family home that is financed through HUD. It is important to know that testing is now required for all units in multi-family homes financed through HUD.

The reason for this regulation is the growing health concerns of radon gas. Studies have proven that approximately 20,000 people perish each year due to lung cancer in relation to radon. This is more deaths than drunk driving. If we are going to be serious about the health of those in the South Bend, and the rest of the nation, this type of protocol is exactly what we need.

The South Bend Radon Mitigation Process

While everyone should test their home for radon gas, and take the appropriate action, let us be clear about who is now required if they are receiving HUD funding, or plan receiving HUD funding. All units of multi-family home that are receiving financing through HUD must be tested for radon gas. Additionally, an air purification system must be installed on any home that records high test levels.

The process of reducing levels and staying in compliance with HUD should begin with a test. Testing may either be short term or long term. Regardless of what testing method you choose, be sure to leave most doors and windows closed for the most accurate results. Testing is so important because there is no way of knowing for certain whether or not the home is infected otherwise. Radon gas is odorless and colorless, meaning that only a test can truly determine your risk level.

Once your testing results are returned, you will get a clear idea of whether or not South Bend radon mitigation is necessary. If your test results are high, you will need to contact a radon specialist as soon as possible. A radon specialist will be able to pinpoint the center of the radon gas, and take the appropriate action. A securely installed mitigation system will reduce radon levels by up to 99%.

S.W.A.T. Environmental specializes in South Bend radon mitigation, and we are local to the area. We know the process of handling these radon situations, and will be able to lower your test levels. We specialize in low visibility systems, meaning you will hardly know your South Bend radon mitigation system is even there. Put our certifications and years of experience to work, and let us handle all of your radon mitigation needs. We have the certified technicians, and we have been in the radon industry for decades. Call us today, and get a free quote on a new mitigation system. Protect your health, and stay in compliance with HUD in South Bend.