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Radon Testing for South Bend Homeowners

Radon Testing South Bend IndianaRadon testing in South Bend is something that often goes overlooked. While some may think that radon is some made up, environmentally, politically charged motive, this could not be further from the truth. The EPA has deemed radon as a serious threat, and rightfully so. Over 20,000 people die each year due to radon. Radon testing is the first step in determining whether or not your South Bend, Indiana home has been intruded by this terrible gas, or if you are safe and healthy.

Whenever you purchase a home in the South Bend area, we are all aware of the necessary tests and inspections that protect us from mold, termites, and other threats. Very soon you may be seeing radon testing as another required test due to its related health risks. Not only does radon testing provide your family with the security of knowing your South Bend home is free of radon, it may also increase the selling value, or allow you to sell your home much faster.

Methods of Radon Testing in South Bend

It is important to speak with a professional about what radon testing method is best for your home. There is a short term method that many use that may be completed in as short as a few days. For those who have already had radon testing completed before, it is recommended that a long term test be completed. A long term test may take three months to complete. Your South Bend home should be re-tested every two to five years, even if it received safe levels on previous readings.

Radon seeps out of the soil and into your foundation or water supply and enters your home. There are many other ways radon may enter your home, but no one can determine whether or not it has entered without radon testing, as the gas is colorless and odorless. It is extremely important to have a specialist provide testing for your home, as there are many factors that may cause inaccurate readings. Factors such as left open doors, windows, or other cracks may not portray an accurate reading for your home, and you may have to re-test. There are special certifications that may be obtained to ensure the contractor you hire has the proper knowledge and experience to conduct radon testing on your South Bend home.

Dealing with Radon Testing Results

Depending on your South Bend home’s radon testing results, there may or may not be further action required. While it may sound like a complicated process for mitigation of radon, if you hire a certified professional, they can ensure your home has the proper regulations to greatly reduce the vapor levels in your home. S.W.A.T. Environmental is the nation’s largest radon mitigation company, and is located in South Bend, Indiana to service your home. Call today for a free quote, and find out just how affordable radon mitigation can be.