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Vapor Intrusion in South Bend, Indiana

Vapor Intrusion South Bend IndianaIf your commercial business is located in South Bend, Indiana, then you have a greater risk of vapor intrusion occurring on your premises. While vapor intrusion commonly occurs throughout the United States, businesses located in South Bend, Indiana are at greater risk of this insidious situation. Once vapor intrusion occurs, it becomes necessary to implement mitigation procedures to alleviate its occurrence and safeguard your employees from harm.

What is vapor intrusion? Vapor intrusion refers to the infiltration of specific toxic or carcinogenic gases within a building. These gases seep into the building from contaminated ground or ground water. They typically enter through cracks or deep crevices in the building’s foundation or the lower portions of the walls. The gases can also enter the building through the entry points of the utilities since slight openings commonly exist at these access points.

During vapor intrusion, the gases are drawn into the building due to the naturally occurring difference in pressure between its interior and the ground. The vapors build up in volume within the building since no pre-determined escape point exists. Many of these toxic gases are carcinogenic. Therefore, they place employees working in South Bend, Indiana at risk of developing cancer. Respiratory illnesses can also occur. The potential danger of becoming ill is enhanced when other toxic solvents or substances are commonly used within the building during normal operational procedures.

What Contaminants Are Commonly Found in Vapor Intrusion Occurring in South Bend, Indiana

The most common chemical pollutants occurring within the commercial buildings located in South Bend, Indiana include: perchloroethylene (PCE or PERC), natural gas, methane, radon gas, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), tetrachloroethylene (dry cleaning fluid), trichloroethylene (TCE), and a variety of other solvents and gases. Even the presence of only one of these pollutants can place your employees at risk of developing a life-threatening illness. However, the greater the number of contaminants or the higher the levels of contamination, the greater the potential risk of developing one of the illnesses associated with vapor intrusion in South Bend, Indiana.

Treatment for Vapor Intrusion Occurring in South Bend, Indiana

Once your commercial building is identified as a victim of vapor intrusion, mitigation strategies are necessary to eliminate the toxic gas buildup from your building. Hiring a reputable vapor intrusion mitigation specialist familiar with the South Bend, Indiana area is the quickest and safest way to deal with the situation. While the existing level of contamination may influence the exact mitigation procedures that are undertaken, in general, some combination of the use of fans and the equalization of the pressure between the building’s interior and the ground beneath it. If it is determined that the chemicals found in your commercial building are toxic, then non-explosive fans are used to expel the vapors that have entered your place of business.